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Tip from furniture stores in the Sunshine Coast: Caring for your furniture

You have bought your furniture from the best furniture stores in Sunshine Coat. However, despite the fact that you have invested in the good quality furniture there are several things you should consider once you have it installed in your homes. The first priority is to make sure that you maintain the furniture. Poor maintenance habits can deteriorate even the highest quality furniture.

The following are a few words of wisdom from the experts at furniture stores in sunshine coast. These tips would help ensure that your furniture stays looking great, throughout the time you use it.

Maintenance tips for wooden furniture

Wood furniture has a timeless and classic appeal. It’s expensive but can add a great deal of value to your living space. In order to make sure that the wooden furniture looks spick and span it’s necessary to ensure proper maintenance.  

  • Wooden furniture requires regular dusting. Just make sure to use a dry, clean and soft cloth and not be too aggressive with the dusting or it might cause scratches to appear on the polish and dull its shine. You can also make use of good old feather dusters. These are not abrasive and can clean the dust pretty well.
  • Refrain from using all-purpose spray cleaners on your wooden furniture. These simply remove the film of dirt but also expose the inner resin of the wood and makes it go dull over a period of time.
  • If you ever want to spruce up the look of wooden furniture make sure to use wax instead of polish. It is much easier to use and also doesn’t leave a stain. Wax leaves a long lasting coat.
  • In order to clean hard to reach areas it’s better to use a tooth brush with soft bristles.
  • In order to remove the white hazy stain left over by warm mugs or glasses, use a tooth paste to clean it.

Maintenance tips for metal furniture

When you clean your metal furniture, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Refrain from using abrasive cleaners on metal furniture. While metal is surely sturdy and tough, the rough cleaners can dull the shine of the furniture and make it look old and decrepit.
  • While metal furniture is weather resistant, if you tend to sue it outside or on the patio it’s better to get it covered during the rainy season. Rain can sometimes cause the metal to rust. Using tarps is a great way of preventing the metal from rusting.
  • Another way of completely preventing rust is to use wax. The layer of wax ensures that there is no rusting. The paste wax is the best way to prevent the metal from corroding. It is easily available at all cleaning stores or furniture supplies stores.

The above mentioned maintenance tips would help ensure that your furniture stays in mint condition. Failure to carry out proper maintenance would result in the furniture looking dull and dreary. Hold Fast Designs are a Sunshine Coast furniture store that sells top quality furniture. Buying well-made furniture will lessen your worry about maintaining the furniture.


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