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Sustainability tips for Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial air conditioning systems are the most energy consuming systems when compared to any electrical systems. It is said that around fifteen percent of electrical energy is spent in simply cooling commercial spaces. Research has proved that around thirty percent of the energy used to cool a commercial space is lost to waste. One of the major benefits of curtailing energy loss is reduction of operation costs.

In order to curtail the energy loss make sure you follow these tips from air conditioning Canberra.

  • Make sure to have the filters of the cooling unit changed on a regular basis. This can actually curtail five to ten percent of the energy loss. Dirty filters can seriously obstruct the air flow and reduce the cooling efficiency of the unit. This in turn leads to poor air quality and lower cooling. The filters should be checked every three to four months this is because the system works twenty fours around the clock and it needs proper maintenance. It is important to find the right technician to carry out regular servicing.
  • The longest time a filter should be allowed to work is three months or less. When the time is up the filters should either be given a proper cleaning or replaced. There are some systems which require regular filter changes. A technician can help determine what kind of filters are used in your commercial air conditioning unit.
  • You can save up to thousands of dollars in cash by investing in programmable thermostats. Thermostats help to maintain a steady temperature which can rise and fall according to seasonal changes and time of the day. If the weather I cooler the building temperature is set at a certain temperature so as to make sure that there is not a great deal of undue cooling. This in the long run can help save a great many units of electricity. Usually programmable thermostats are available in seven day models and 5 + 2 days models which are ideal for offices where the working schedule is five days.

  • Regular quality maintenance can also help save energy up to forty percent. When a system is properly maintained it can work properly without any energy wastage. When there is no faulty performance, the system works in the right manner and almost little or no energy is wasted.
  • All cooling ducts should be sealed off properly. Find a technician who has the knowledge of sealing the cooling ducts in a proper manner. The ducts are sealed off with the help of mastic tape or a blown in duct sealant. The ducts are then insulated.
  • Also efficiency of the system can be improved by replacing old air conditioning units with new ones with a higher energy star rating. For commercial ventures it is essential to buy units which have a higher energy rating. This not only helps save electricity but can also save energy.

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