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Modular Homes in Perth


As everything in the world evolves and improved with the help of advanced technology, houses are also now being built in an advanced and quicker way with the same quality as of on-site built houses. This innovation is commonly called modular homes or prefabricated homes.

Modular homes are created by section following the modular home design. It is built off-site the proposed location of the house, normally created in an indoor setting and is transported to the proposed location by modules. The modules will then be assembled and installed to a foundation on-site.


Since the modular home is the new big thing in the housing market, let us see how it differs from the other kinds of house building methods such as manufactured homes, mobile homes, and on-site built homes.



When thinking of owning and building a house, affordability always matters. Of course, as the outcome of the house, you wanted to build will depend on the budget that you have. Saying so, modular homes met this criterion as it is way cheaper than traditional houses. Since it does not need a long time of construction, it does certainly have a big difference comparing to on-site houses.

However, please do note that the prices may possibly vary depending on your preference of design, materials, location and many others.


Higher quality

All building construction in Australia must meet the standard specifications set by the building code of the country. Modular houses are built and created in conformity with the standard specification of building code. All the details down to the smallest section of the modular homes follow the modular drawings and designs that comply with standards. It is also known for no cut corners; therefore, high quality is assured with this advanced house building method.

Furthermore, since it will be transported from factory to site, its structure is designed to withstand transport loads.


Shorter time of construction

Since modules are fabricated in an indoor setting, production and construction are shortened as there will be no hindrances or factors that could possibly affect the fabrication such as the weather. It is never a secret that the weather is always a factor of delay when it comes to construction that involves concrete, but with modular houses, this will not be a problem.

Additionally, the installation and assembly of prefabricated modules can be done easily by following the drawings of the modular house. With all these reasons, there is no doubt that modular homes are way time-efficient as it could be constructed and built in a matter of weeks or 30 – 50 percent faster compared to other methods that come with same quality just like on-site conventional houses.


Eco-friendly elements

During construction, panels and modules of modular homes are created in factories. Therefore, waste production is dramatically lower compared to the traditional house-building method.

Upon utilisation, there are modular houses that are self-sufficient and powered by solar panels making it energy-efficient. It is normally designed with better insulation, which helps to lower energy consumption.



You may be wondering what types of modular homes are available in Perth. Just like other parts of the world, this innovation had been introduced and took off in Australia, particularly in Perth, Australia. It is expected to be the next big thing in the housing market in the next 10 years in the area. Due to the availability and increasing number of builders of modular homes in Perth, the homeowners who get interested in this innovation are surging up exponentially.

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