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Floor Restoration Project

Are you considering seeking floor sanding in Brisbane? Before you hire a particular contractor for the job, there are a few floor restoration facts that you should know about. While floor sanding is just a single procedure in the complete floor restoration project, there are a number of other factors involved before you see your floor regain its previous lustrous look. The floor first needs to be prepared to make sure that the floor sanding is carried out I the proper manner.

The following are a few facts on floor restoration which should be kept in mind.

  • The first procedure which is involved in a floor sanding is floor preparation. Preparation involves removal of any furniture and coverings on the floor. Once that is done all dirt and debris should be cleared off so that no residue remains on the floor.
  • Any loose screw, nails or staples need to be punched down. While all this is done by more floor sanding companies, keep in mind it may cost you more. But at least there is some peace of mind and you won’t have to bother about having to do the little things on your own.
  • The next step which a floor sanding professional in Brisbane would do is check for the actual condition of your floor boards. Do they need any kind of repairing or some sort of replacement? The process is usually done to make sure that the floor which is being renovated is in the right condition to ensure successful sanding process.
  • Floors which are cracked need to be filled first. However, if the floors are rotted or there is an infestation of pests, the boards might need to be replaced completely before any procedure can be carried out. Sanding over a rotting floor won’t be of any benefit.

  • It is only when the floor has been properly prepared can the sanding procedure take place. The sanding procedure can be divided into three steps. The first procedure is a rough sanding process which helps remove the old finish and can level out the boards. To smoothen the floor a medium sanding procedure is carried out. The fine sanding procedure helps even out the floor completely and return a lustrous shine back to the floors to make I look as good as new. Once the whole sanding procedure is completed you would notice a drastic change in the way your floor looks.
  • Usually the sanding process is completed using the help of a drum or a belt sander. A belt sander offers much better results when compared to work completed with the help of a dram sander.
  • The sanding technique for each kind of floor would vary. This is because no two hard wood floors are the same. Tripping of the wood though is always carried out following the pattern of the grain otherwise the sanding procedure might not be as smooth as preferred.

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