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Energy proofing your home according to electricians in Brisbane Northside

Saving energy isn’t just about being energy efficient it also entails saving up on utility bills. There are several ways you can reduce the electricity bills at home. The following advice from electricians in Brisbane north side would definitely help you conserve energy and save hard earned cash in the long run.

  • Invest in energy saving light bulbs. These bulbs last a great deal longer than the usual bulbs available in the market. The reason why its energy efficient is that even at 10 to 20 watts it can produce the same amount of lighting when compared to a bulb which uses 60 watts. This can reduce the electricity bills.
  • When the lights are not in use, make sure you turn those off. We often have a habit of leaving the light open even after we are no longer in the room. These small mistakes often add up to costly utility bills.
  • Instead of using the heated water option on your washing machine choose to use cool temperature to wash your clothes. Almost 30% energy is required to heat up the water. Also make sure to sue the machine when you have enough load. This means you can wait out a day or two and then using the washing machine.
  • Don’t use the tumble dryer too often. Instead air dry the clothes by having them soak up sunlight in the lawn or the garden. If using a tumble dryer is absolutely necessary choose the fastest spin option, this is best because it gets rid of more water in a shorter period of time.

  • Use the dishwasher when you have a full load. Instead of using the washer after every meal, you can pile up the utensils and then use the dishwasher once only instead of using it three times a day.
  • Make sure you are buying products which are energy efficient. This goes for every new electrical appliance which you would buy for your home. If you buy an air conditioner choose a unit which has the highest energy star rating. The same goes for a refrigerator and washing machines.
  • Instead of leaving appliances on standby, try to switch those off. Even on standby appliances use some form of energy. This might appear small but it can definitely add up to the bill.
  • If you make use of an electrical heater during the winter, make sure you use efficient heating methods. Instead of heating the complete area only choose to heat the room which is being used. This can help conserve a great deal of energy and also reduce the bills.
  • Make sure your home is well insulated. This means closing off any gaps which might allow the cool air to escape. The same goes for openings in windows as well. No matter how tiny it I, it can still allow the cool or the heat to escape outside.

Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind would help save a great deal on electricity bills. Make sure you talk to electricians that cover Brisbane Northside to further advice you on saving energy.

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