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Choosing the right Gas Plumber Melbourne

It’s all the same thing whether you call them as a gas fitter, gas plumber or gas engineer. What is different is a qualified professional who will be able to run your home’s gas lines. Not only to run the lines but to make sure that they are connected to the gas source with no leaks.

Looking for the right gas plumber in Melbourne may be a bit tricky and challenging. However, the process becomes easier and simpler if you know how to go about it.


Choosing the Right Gas Plumber


An expert gas plumber provides a lot of benefits to include a better performance for your fireplace, oven or boiler, cost-effective, greater safety, and peace of mind.

Here are the things to help you find the right gas plumber:



A licensed gas plumber is probably the most important thing to look for. His license should not only allow him to work anywhere in Australia, but hold the right kind of license as well. For example, a permit or authorisation is different from a competency certificate. The type of license to look for with a gas plumber depends on the project you have in mind.



The gas plumber should also be insured in addition to being licensed. You will become liable for on-the-job costs and damages if your gas fitter lacks insurance coverage. Homeowner’s insurance premium increases when your gas fitter is uninsured.

Emergency Repairs and Services

Putting in a new gas boiler or installing a new gas fireplace needs the services of a gas fitter. However, there have to be more jobs your chosen gas fitter can do other than braising new copper lines or running new gas lines.  Emergency repairs and services are skills that have to be included in a gas fitter’s repertoire to qualify him as an expert. The absence of emergency services should be seen as a red flag. While gas plumbing services are not required to offer emergency repairs, reputable companies do. This is because all kinds of gas plumbing services should be covered from emergency repairs to new installations.



The price is often the deciding mark in the choice of a gas plumber. Searching online can give you expensive and rock-bottom prices. While it is human nature to choose the cheapest price tag, it is not the smartest thing to do. Lack of experience and subpar work and materials are things you get from the inexpensive price quote. Does it mean that expensive is better than cheap when it comes to gas plumbing services? No, it means that gas plumbing services should not be too expensive or too cheap. Reasonable rate holds the key when it comes to gas plumbing pricing.



Your kind of project is the determinant in choosing the right gas fitter. The next thing to find out is the gas plumber’s experience in this kind of project. Every gas fitting project has its unique complexities. For example, installing a new boiler means that your gas plumber knows how to drill through cement, wood, sheetrock or cinderblock. An experienced gas fitter is one that knows his way through the project you have in mind.


It is important to get the right gas fitter for your particular project. Look for a reputable gas plumber in Melbourne by asking for referrals from friends and family and by doing your research.


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