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Caravan annexe for sale


A caravan annexe is a design used to make optimal use of space available that provides comforts in-home living area. An annexe serves as an extension of a caravan. It can be used as an ideal of creating space and for shielding yourself from the harsh climatic conditions.

Things to consider for an affordable caravan annexe

  • Size: It should perfectly fit with your caravan to avoid problems that it may cause later.
  • Check the type of annexe relative to your needs: One needs to give adequate time to identify the type of caravan awning that suits your needs and compliant with your budgetary constraints. You can research further to know more about the available annexes.
  • Easy storage- one should know if the annexe is accompanied by lines, straps, and bags to keep the annex intact and in order during storage.
  • Check the weight of the annexe not exceeding for the caravan- check the maximum load-bearing capacity of the caravan by not adding the weight of the occupants and the annexe, hence you consider the bit of equipment, material, and the resource loaded.
  • If it is a second-hand annexe- one should be careful in examining the annexe so that they may not end up with used annexe that is ineffective. Also, compare the prices of a new and a second-hand annexe avoid regrets later.
  • One should be careful- while choosing an annexe to make sure it is a new model, no matter the cost than getting a used one.

Advantages of using an annexe

  • Extra room – it has enough space which is available for all members of the family
  • Privacy – it is convenient to relax without any worries because it keeps neighbours off and it is quiet to relax in.
  • Extra comfort – it is very comfortable to relax inside the area, it is like relaxing inside a resort.
  • Resists the wind, sun, and rain – it provides extra safety from harsh climatic conditions and hazardous weather conditions

Steps you should follow while setting up an annexe

  • Prepare the annexe- utilise the tools supplied with the caravan from the sellers, unfold and stretch out the annexe so that the tension is reduced be sure the awning adjacent to it is open for you to easily cross-check it if fitting.
  • Sail track the annexe close to your caravan. By using the sail track to roll your annexe fabrics upward so that it holds the sail firm onto your caravan.
  • Layout the sidewalls – This helps in marking the right slots to be screwed in, then the sidewalls are drawn using rafters, and the edges levelled up to the ceiling and make use of silicon spray to fasten the walls.
  • Fit poles to the ground- using the holes on the roller tubes fit them in as you roll the doors of the annexe to prevent rainwater from leaking in.
  • Double-check to ensure the awns is fitting in firmly – use stay-put to connect the edges of the walls next to the annexe and fit the edges firmly. Double-check the awning it is levelled on the horizontal terrain and ensure the mud wall is tucked inwards with pegs.
  • Tie-down with the pegs for safety reasons in case of strong wind.

These are the best options to consider when thinking about buying an annexe for personal use. Kakadu also stock rollout caravan awnings.



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