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Blocked Drains Gold Coast- What causes the drains to become blocked?

There is nothing nastier then a clogged drain. It’s not only inconvenient but frankly quite revolting as well. There’s no knowing what could be blocking your drain. Plus, whatever debris is down there is swarming with bacteria and smelling horrible too. However, blocked drains are something which all home owners have to face at one point or the other.

There are several reasons why your drains have become blocked. Knowing what might be causing the blockage could help resolve the issue much faster. Sometimes temporary measures can keep the problems at bay for a while, but intervention from a professional plumber who deals with blocked drains Gold Coast is crucial.

Your drains are blocked due to hair build-up

One of the most common reasons for bathroom drains to clog is the buildup of hair. While some people may simply find that removing the excess hair by opening up the drain can solve the issue, other times it is not so easy. Sometimes the blockage is further inside the drain.

In cases the drain doesn’t unclog, use a plunger. This can help release the blockage. It’s much better to use plungers instead of harsh chemicals, because the chemicals can cause the drain pipes to corrode.

Blocked drains due to plant debris

During spring and autumn the leaves fall off from the trees. When they get stuck into the water drain, it causes a major blockade. Maintaining the garden on a regular basis can help resolve the issue. However, the leaves aren’t the only things which cause the water drains in the garden to be blocked, sometimes the roots growing underground could be the culprit as well. if that is the case you may need to consult plumbers who would ensure repair of the drain pipes.

Drains blocked due to buildup of oil and grease

The kitchen sink is prone to grease buildup. This grease and fat which you put down the sink while washing the vessels can stick to the drain pipes and eventually build up to the extent of causing a clogged drain.

The key is to avoid throwing everything into the sink. Instead discard all the gunk into disposable containers to avoid the issue altogether.

Clogged drains due to a broken pipe

There are quite a few reasons why your drains might become blocked because of a broken pipe. It could be because there is a fracture in one of the pipes which lead into or out of the drain. Such an issue is difficult to diagnose but a major sign is that despite anything you put down the drain, a plunger or any chemical, nothing seems to help. This is one sign that it’s a more serious matter and requires professional intervention.

Since blocked drains are often a result of our own misdoings, it’s better to practice precaution beforehand. Avoid putting things down the drain. Discourage children from throwing in small object or toys into toilets or garbage disposals. Plus it’s better to call in professionals and have the pipes and drains cleaned off occasionally to avoid any such issues altogether.






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