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MC was founded in 2008 as a construction company, putting together in its staff a series of technicians and workers able to provide high experience in the construction field: a close-knit and efficient team, capable of carrying out any task in the building. Every worker is prepared and constantly updated on the main workings of the sector, through preparatory courses and specialization courses that allow them to face the life of the building site with maximum awareness and in total safety. 


In the province of Varese, specialized in the construction of civil and industrial buildings


With thirty years of experience in the industry, the company is able to meet any customer needs with professionalism and seriousness.


In addition to building buildings, we also deal with the purchase and sale of properties of all kinds,


hus succeeding in satisfying the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

Our Services

The House of Surveyors De Maddalena & Manzoni is a company that offers first class services and has a long experience in real estate. In particular, the company deals with:

  • Construction
  • Turnkey renovations
  • Real estate brokerage services
Our services range from the sale of apartments and villas to the sale of apartments and terraced houses, from small building interventions to complete renovations and the splitting of buildings. We are also available for technical appraisals and evaluations of buildings of all kinds.


The House of Surveyors De Maddalena & Manzoni is a company in the province of Varese that deals with the construction, renovation and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company has experienced and competent staff, able to satisfy every customer’s need.

We also carry out technical appraisals and evaluations of properties of all kinds.

The House of Surveyors De Maddalena & Manzoni is also a technical design studio, able to offer a 360 degree offer , from planning to realization to completion of any town planning and land registry practice.

We have always put reliability, reliability and transparency at the service of customers.

Latest News

3 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should be Planned to Melbourne

If you’re big on celebrating holidays and weekends, there are many places you might be thinking of visiting. It is an important thing to understand that not all places are as significant and colorful as their names or history may seem. It is important to understand the significance of some states over the others. For example, Melbourne is one of the states which are significantly rich in culture, colorful and diverse in art, style and aesthetics, and has the most amazing weather conditions.

Melbourne is one of the most famous states for visiting for a day or the weekend. The drive to the state is extremely smooth and steady and it can be enjoyed without having to struggle a lot for the conveyance issues. You need to make sure you are ever ready for a good trip instead of wasting energy and time on something that is not suitable. Here are the top three reasons why Melbourne should be on your top list for a tour next time you plan:

1. The Art and Culture

Melbourne is one of the most culturally rich and exquisite places in the world. The state features multiple complexes and buildings where everything is intertwined with history and art. The Fed Square in the state is no less than an amazing historical review of how aesthetically rich the people in Melbourne were. Even the small architecture firms Melbourne speak highly of the complex minds the people of ancient times had and the amount of energy and time they spent in recreating them.

2. The Brilliant Weather


If you’re looking for a place that is neither super cold or warm, you definitely want to go to Melbourne. This state has an amazing weather with windy places and warm atmosphere. The overall city has a pleasant breeze running throughout the day. The nights become slightly cooler than the day but overall the feel is extremely amazing. You will be able to enjoy both the summer and winter while spending time here.

3. Wine Valleys and Food Tastings

Almost everywhere you go in Melbourne, you will be able to enjoy freshly produced wine and free of cost food tastings. There are valleys filled with fresh harvests that are always ready and ripe. You can simply enjoy whatever you want by asking them and they’ll present those items to you.

Wine valleys have freshly produced grapes and berries which are then finely fertilized and distilled for amazing wine tastings at the time you want them. There is nothing better than enjoying a great day with chilled wine and grapes in your mouth, which have been plucked right from the trees. Fresh wine and delicious food, this is something definitely one should look forward to when on a trip.

How online trading works

Today we will talk about how online trading works, you will have certainly heard of it, because, in fact, in many sectors related to the economy, the term trading is used, and indicates, the negotiation and trade of goods that are precisely ” marketable “, these assets may be tangible such as commodities or virtual commodities such as currencies.

Specifically, the operators of this work try in practice to profit by buying and reselling these assets at prices that are higher than those purchased, and in the jargon of financial instruments is identified with the acronym TOL, to indicate that the operational phase of buying and selling takes place precisely, online, ie via the Internet.

What is and how online trading works

This financial system, which has been active and has been in Italy for more than ten years, has spread thanks to the fact that internet is used to make money with various types of transactions: in particular for purchase and sale.

Here’s what is online trading, also known, in fact, with the term TOL.

Thanks to this tool, anyone who has a bank account or who decides to invest in the stock market, can buy and sell financial instruments thanks to the Internet and especially from the comfort of home, with their Personal Computer.

There is obviously a regulation, thanks to the New Consob Regulation for the activation of the single text of the financial markets, applied since 1999.

So it has always been the dream of many people, become traders, because thanks to it you become rich, perhaps in a very short time, without knowing anything and without even thinking about it or at least so they read.

I am sorry to tell you that it is not like this at all, that nobody gets rich in a very short time, and above all working so randomly and without having any basis of finance.

But nothing is lost, there are people who can live trading online and among them maybe, the most prepared, the most professional and with a little ‘luck someone also becomes rich.

Let’s go into the specifics of how online trading works

The online trading service allows you to make online investments, through the sale and purchase of certain financial instruments such as:

  • Shares, Italian and / or reported abroad.
  • Government bonds
  • Bonds

A strong reduction in commission costs charged to the investor is due to the fact that the operations are carried out using the web.

Investors are offered the most appropriate means of monitoring securities, as well as being able to get more information on the stock market performance: online trading, in fact, is accompanied by the ability to view the performance of the securities and the study of charts sector, so you can have a better chance to invest quickly and above all in security.

The recommendation is to rely on companies that deal with a whole series of financial transactions related to it, in particular financial speculation, since they are activities that involve high risks, you need to know all the specifics well when making online investments , and pay attention to the risks associated with internet trading.

How you do it?

To do this, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Having a computer
  • Connect it to the network
  • Create an account with companies on the web of “intermediation” or brokers who offer services to access these markets.

This work can be very profitable, if done constantly and intelligently, you can actually negotiate everything from the indices, to the shares up to the currencies, buying and reselling.

How to do business at auctions

First of all you have to search the internet for auction houses that propose the objects that interest you. Then check the scheduling of their appointments.

So choose the lot, in every catalog, paper or online, the good for sale, called lot, can be formed by a single object or a set of pieces. It is indicated by a number, has a description and an estimate, consisting of two values, a minimum and a maximum, which represents the market price established by the experts of the auction house.

Check the goods and that is, before the sale, carefully examine the batches of people, during the days of exposure open to the public, which are held weeks before the auction. Centimeter in hand also controls the measures to avoid any surprises. If you can not go in person, look for the images available online and request an informative report, called “condition report”, on the actual lot conditions issued by the experts of the auction house.

You can participate in the auction hall after registering: registration is free and does not imply an obligation to purchase. Or you can send, at least 24 hours before the auction, an offer written using the appropriate form attached to the catalog or downloaded from the site, in which you indicate the maximum amount net of the commission, which you are willing to spend. Or you can still participate by phone: after you have previously agreed, you will be called by the staff who will bring back the offers going on in the room and make the offers for you.

The advice: set the maximum amount that you are willing to pay so as not to get caught up in the hall.

The lot is sold to the highest bidder. The sale begins with a starting price, the auction base, and proceeds with approximately 10% rebates. The auction house requires the buyer to pay a commission, formed by the auction direct and by the auction. VAT, which is calculated as a percentage of the price and must be added to the final purchase amount: on average it is 30%.

Here you are now ready to do business!